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    William Planes

    About the Author

    The author is the first generation born of a survivor of Genocide in Asia Minor by the radical Muslim troops of Kamal Ataturk in September 1922.  His father and mother, following their Greek Orthodox Faith, raised him in the teachings and traditions of the Greek Orthodox Church.

    Born in New York and raised in Folly Beach, South Carolina and Coral Gables, Florida, he graduated from Coral Gables High School and Florida State University and then served in the US Navy. He engaged in the business of acquiring troubled companies, restructuring, and reselling these companies. By way of his upbringings and using the profits he earned from these business activities, he invested these funds in good works, including the good works of his Faith and Christian beliefs.  

    In the time that he has been home because of the COVID-19 pandemic, he questioned if his children and the children of his siblings and cousins really understood the greatness of the freedoms we enjoy in the United States. If they understood how fragile the existence of these freedoms are, the sacrifices of life and blood made by many to preserve these freedoms and this county, and if they even knew what his father and many others went through to give him and all of them the opportunity to have religious freedom so we could openly live our Orthodox Christian Faith.

    To preserve the history of this heritage, he undertook writing this book.


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